The Science

Our exclusive doctor-recommended makeup is meticulously formulated to include truly protective suncare and deeply nourishing skincare in every product.

No Compromises now or ever.

Scientific Advisory Board

Colorescience has meaningful relationships with an extensive network of influencers that bring a wealth of knowledge, guidance and expertise to our brand. These individuals are partners in creating educational content, assiting in product innovation and most importantly being a trusted resource.

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Top of the Line Ingredients

No compromises now or ever. Each and every product is thoughtfully formulated with exceptional sun protection and skin-nourishing benefits built in. We never use mineral oils, alcohol, talc, fillers, dyes, fragrance, or any other harsh chemicals.

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Our Products

Colorescience® believes you deserve a better kind of beauty.Our luxury grade, all-in-one suncare, skincare and color makes seeking beauty a healthy proposition.

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HEALTHY Colorscience Formulation

  • SPF 20 or higher
  • Clean, breathable minerals & mica
  • Antioxidants, peptides, vitamins
  • Safe for sensitive and ultra-sensitive skin

UNHEALTHY Typical Formulation

  • SPF less than 20
  • Dyes, fillers, alcohol, talc
  • Harsh chemicals, mineral oil, fragrance
  • Clogs pores and exacerbates/causes irritations, dermatitis
The Colorescience Water Test